Kenyan Businesses Online: Register your domain name and get professional web hosting


When it comes to establishing your online presence, having a website or blog where you can reach out to existing and future customers is all that matters. In Kenya many businesses have gone online thanks to Google’s KBO service and other free platforms such as WordPress and Blogger. Whereas these services are free and trustworthy, they do not portray professionalism in business.
If you are a businessman/woman of repute, you should consider getting a custom website which has your own domain name and web hosting. You should also have a professional email address that shares your business name. That way a client is sure that they are dealing with a person who knows what they are doing.
When you register your domain name and order hosting with Hostbora, you get unlimited custom emails that can be used by you and all your employees. This is an effective way to market as anybody who sees your email address also gets to hear about your company. When you are using free email services you are usually marketing other people’s companies notably Gmail or Yahoo. With your professional email your customers will even feel the importance you place on your business name. Going custom is a must for anyone who is serious about making money by delivering quality service.
When registering a domain name, there are certain things that come in mind. First is choosing a reputable company to register your domain for you. I suggest going with a local company in Kenya such as hostbora services. This is because if you want customer support you always get a better experience with someone who is near you. International companies sometimes make you wait for 30-60 minutes just to enter into a chat with you or answer a call. If the problem you have in your hands is critical this can seem like a million years. With a local company you can even visit their offices to ask a question or even lodge a complaint if any.
Your domain registrar will provide you with an availability checker tool which you can use to find out whether your desired domain name is available. If a .com is not available you can choose a .org, a .net or even a .ke. These are all popular TLDs and ccTLDs which businesses consider. Other popular domain extensions such as .club, .photography and more will also be availed to you. Choose to register the one you want based on the nature of your business and personal preferences.
After choosing your desired domain name, you can choose other services like web hosting and ID/privacy protection. Hostbora offers you free ID protection to shield you personal information from prying eyes. With identity theft being such a big problem today, I personally think that every domain registration company should do the same if they care about their client’s welfare.
After you have added all the products you need to your shopping cart, you will be asked to fill in form with your contact information. You should only provide truthful information as it is the only way your host company can contact you in the event of anything. Most companies also compare this information with your payment information to avoid fraud. To be on the safe side, always choose to provide real contacts.
After that you will be taken to a payment processor where you will be asked to make a payment for the services chosen. If you are shopping at, you have the option of paying via PayPal, Mpesa or other mobile payment providers in Kenya.
That is all. You will receive an email address with all your account details so that you can start using the service immediately. You can also use your account to open support tickets which are answered by the customer experience support staff.
Establish your online presence today by proving a digital home for your business.