How to get your Kenyan business online

Many Kenyans are discovering that the World Wide Web offers great opportunities for business.  In Nairobi alone, many start ups begin online as entrepreneurs look for money to rent premises. Others forego the renting altogether and opt to supply their customers directly. Deliveries are made via cars, boda bodas or by hand depending on the bulk of the sale. Businesses that have premises already know that having a website enables your customers to look for products they would like to buy before they show up at the shop. This enables everyone to save time and make informed choices. If you do not have an online store you should open one even if you are not ready to make deliveries. Many customers would be happy to know more about prices and make comparisons even before they decide to buy.
Google is a friend to many nowadays. This statement means that for shoppers, they Google first before they decide to buy. If you are offering discounted offers, bargains or clearance sells, having a website can help you get the word out there and beat your competitors. You can make an extra shilling just by offering a resource that will make shopping easier for your consumers.
Although Google have done a great job by offering free websites to businesses, I would advise against it if you are a serious and established business. There is something that says professional about custom made websites with your own domain. When you register a domain name for your business, you also get personalized email addresses for your business. That is free marketing if you know what I mean. Anyone you contact will see
Once you get your domain name, choose a web hosting package that suits your business needs. This will be determined by the size of your business and the web traffic that you receive. You can start with a small package and upgrade your account as your website becomes popular.
Having an online presence is a must for any business. Do not be left out. Choose to market your business online and see the fruits that come with it.