How to get your Kenyan business online

Many Kenyans are discovering that the World Wide Web offers great opportunities for business.  In Nairobi alone, many start ups begin online as entrepreneurs look for money to rent premises. Others forego the renting altogether and opt to supply their customers directly. Deliveries are made via cars, boda bodas or by hand depending on the bulk of the sale. Businesses that have premises already know that having a website enables your customers to look for products they would like to buy before they show up at the shop. This enables everyone to save time and make informed choices. If you do not have an online store you should open one even if you are not ready to make deliveries. Many customers would be happy to know more about prices and make comparisons even before they decide to buy.
Google is a friend to many nowadays. This statement means that for shoppers, they Google first before they decide to buy. If you are offering discounted offers, bargains or clearance sells, having a website can help you get the word out there and beat your competitors. You can make an extra shilling just by offering a resource that will make shopping easier for your consumers.
Although Google have done a great job by offering free websites to businesses, I would advise against it if you are a serious and established business. There is something that says professional about custom made websites with your own domain. When you register a domain name for your business, you also get personalized email addresses for your business. That is free marketing if you know what I mean. Anyone you contact will see
Once you get your domain name, choose a web hosting package that suits your business needs. This will be determined by the size of your business and the web traffic that you receive. You can start with a small package and upgrade your account as your website becomes popular.
Having an online presence is a must for any business. Do not be left out. Choose to market your business online and see the fruits that come with it.


Kenyan Businesses Online: Register your domain name and get professional web hosting


When it comes to establishing your online presence, having a website or blog where you can reach out to existing and future customers is all that matters. In Kenya many businesses have gone online thanks to Google’s KBO service and other free platforms such as WordPress and Blogger. Whereas these services are free and trustworthy, they do not portray professionalism in business.
If you are a businessman/woman of repute, you should consider getting a custom website which has your own domain name and web hosting. You should also have a professional email address that shares your business name. That way a client is sure that they are dealing with a person who knows what they are doing.
When you register your domain name and order hosting with Hostbora, you get unlimited custom emails that can be used by you and all your employees. This is an effective way to market as anybody who sees your email address also gets to hear about your company. When you are using free email services you are usually marketing other people’s companies notably Gmail or Yahoo. With your professional email your customers will even feel the importance you place on your business name. Going custom is a must for anyone who is serious about making money by delivering quality service.
When registering a domain name, there are certain things that come in mind. First is choosing a reputable company to register your domain for you. I suggest going with a local company in Kenya such as hostbora services. This is because if you want customer support you always get a better experience with someone who is near you. International companies sometimes make you wait for 30-60 minutes just to enter into a chat with you or answer a call. If the problem you have in your hands is critical this can seem like a million years. With a local company you can even visit their offices to ask a question or even lodge a complaint if any.
Your domain registrar will provide you with an availability checker tool which you can use to find out whether your desired domain name is available. If a .com is not available you can choose a .org, a .net or even a .ke. These are all popular TLDs and ccTLDs which businesses consider. Other popular domain extensions such as .club, .photography and more will also be availed to you. Choose to register the one you want based on the nature of your business and personal preferences.
After choosing your desired domain name, you can choose other services like web hosting and ID/privacy protection. Hostbora offers you free ID protection to shield you personal information from prying eyes. With identity theft being such a big problem today, I personally think that every domain registration company should do the same if they care about their client’s welfare.
After you have added all the products you need to your shopping cart, you will be asked to fill in form with your contact information. You should only provide truthful information as it is the only way your host company can contact you in the event of anything. Most companies also compare this information with your payment information to avoid fraud. To be on the safe side, always choose to provide real contacts.
After that you will be taken to a payment processor where you will be asked to make a payment for the services chosen. If you are shopping at, you have the option of paying via PayPal, Mpesa or other mobile payment providers in Kenya.
That is all. You will receive an email address with all your account details so that you can start using the service immediately. You can also use your account to open support tickets which are answered by the customer experience support staff.
Establish your online presence today by proving a digital home for your business.

WordPress web hosting in Kenya: Why you should choose WordPress today

dell_serversMany people all over the world are choosing to host their sites with WordPress. You may be interested in joining them and you are wondering whether joining the bandwagon is a great idea or not? Largely thought of as a simple blogging platform, WordPress has grown to be one of the most widely used Content Management Systems world over.

The popularity of WordPress is largely due to the fact that you manage everything. Unlike other platforms like Blogger where your content is hosted by Google, you can install WordPress on your own server. WordPress is easy to install and in five minutes you will be blogging using your favorite CMS and your chosen domain name.

Other reasons why WordPress is so popular include:

It is open source

This means so many volunteers are working on it to ensure it is the best CMS out there. It also means that you can see the code, edit it and extend it to add functionality to your site. Being open source also means that bugs are easily reported and fixed as soon as they are identified. WordPress also updates to a newer version regularly to ensure that your site security is never compromised.

Great themes and plugins

Due to its popularity you can get many free and premium themes. There are so many WordPress developers’ who are coming up with great themes and plugins to extend functionalities of WordPress. If you do not find the pugin you like you can hire a freelancer to do it for you or even code it yourself. Should you choose the latter, you will be happy to know that there is a knowledgebase that will explain how it is done. There are also support forums where you can meet happy coders just like you.

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is very search engine friendly. As a web entrepreneur I realized that websites built with WordPress rank easily with search engines like Google and that has made it the CMS of choice for me. I have been able to launch successful websites built with WordPress and make them success stories.

Built with W3C Standards

WordPress is built with valid XHTML and CSS ensuring that your site is cross-browser friendly and your website looks the same across all browsers. You can relax knowing that all your web visitors are getting the same experience.

Choose WordPress today and realize why it is a favorite for many. A good web hosting company will also host your website for a small fee. They even have auto-installers if you are not capable of installing it manually. Start off with a professional blog today.

Kenya reliable and professional web hosting services

web_hosting_in_KenyaAre you looking for web hosting that is tailored to suit your needs? is a market leader when it comes to hassle free professional web hosting. We enable you to build a site very easily and without having to possess coding abilities. Our free and easy to use site builder we help make a site in minutes!
In this day and age, having a professional website or blog is a must. You must spread the word and get yourself known out there. There is not an easier way to market yourself than setting up a web page where you can communicate with your customers and potential customers. You can also create lists where you can inform you clients about new products and events you are promoting.
If you would like to build a professional blog with WordPress then you will be happy to know that our hosting is tailored to suit WordPress. All those WordPress plugins you love are supported and you can also install WordPress in a single click using Quick Install or Fantastico Deluxe.
We also support popular forum software such as vBulletin, Simple Machines Forum (SMF), phpBB just to name but a few. Other popular scripts and web applications supported include Magento, Joomla, Drupal and many others.
By creating an account with you will get the best support in the market today. While many web hosts out there leave you in the dark as soon as they get your latest payment, we are ready to hand hold you and answer all questions you might have associated with your account. Our support staff is available via phone, email and chat. You can also open support tickets via our client portal.
We are dedicate towards providing the best web hosting not only in Kenya and East Africa but to the rest of the world too. Join us today and realize the beauty of reliable web hosting.

Web Hosting in Kenya, Professional Web Host and Domain Registration

web hostingAre you hosting with the best? Most webmasters fail to realize that a good host is what your online business needs to succeed. If you are hosting with a hosting company that is not able to meet the 99.9% uptime guarantee then it may be time to switch to a better one. You need to be sure that your online shop does not close due to service related issues.

That said, there are so many web hosting companies in Kenya you may not be sure which one suits you best. Service is key and a web hosting company should promise you what they can deliver. I have personally chosen Hostbora web hosting simply because they are the best in the market right now. Customer support is awesome not to mention that I hardly needed it. My web applications work seamlessly without any problems.

Another reason I would vouch for them is that they provide a simple way to pay for Kenyan customers. With my previous host, I used to use a credit card for payments but it never worked always. Sometimes the card would be declined by the card issuer and I would be left with the danger of my websites being shut down due to late payments. Never mind that I would have enough money in my card. Now all that is beyond me. I can pay with my phone and I never worry about late payments anymore. It has been very convenient for me.

Hostbora do not oversell their packages. That means you get what you pay for. Some web hosting companies oversell their services leading to degradation of service for existing customers. For the time I have been with them, I have always paid for what I needed and I experienced real value for money. For more about overselling and why you should avoid companies that do it, read this Wikipedia article.

If you love WordPress, I am happy to let you know that Hostbora offers awesome WordPress hosting with all the capabilities needed to run a topnotch WordPress website or blog. Not only are WordPress features supported fully but also those plugins you love. You can create your self-hosted WordPress with Hostbora today.

Hostbora also offers support for most popular scripts on the web today. Some of the scripts you can use include but not limited to vBulletin, Simple Machines Forum(SMF), phpBB, Magento, Drupal, Joomla just to name but a few. If you need a professional web application, you can build it with their state of the art webservers.

If you have never used a cPanel before, do not worry. There are thousands of videos to explain whatever needs to be done to have your website or blog up and going. You can use fantastico deluxe or Quick Install to install your favourite scripts automatically.

So far I have enjoyed the best website hosting in Kenya today. It was an experience I thought would never be possible. Customer support was awesome and that is what endeared them to me most. If you are interested in online business. I would suggest you check them out.

Join Hostbora Web Hosting in Kenya today.